Perfumed and
tasty wines…
You can’t beat them

The Château Buffavent offers controlled origin label wines of exuberant fruitiness, developed with the utmost care.

The 18 acres of the estate's vineyards, mainly Gamay Noir and some Chardonnay, were planted 15 to 80 years ago on beautiful sun-drenched slopes.

The particularity of this so-called "Golden Stone" terrain is its composition: clay and limestone soil with veins of granite rock. These have a great influence on the vine stock and give a character of its own to each of our vintages.

Denis Chilliet, the wine grower, runs the vineyard with supervised control in order to encourage the vitality of the soil and biodiversity (hares, roe-deers, ladybirds...). Each year, the grape-picking is done by hand. The grapes are picked when fully ripe and then carefully sorted out.

The wines are developed, and matured in a traditional manner so as to obtain a complete expression of their personality. “Denis Chilliet, a talented wine-grower and viticulturist, in charge of this renowned Château which dates back to 1539, knows how to draw out all the richness from this superb land... the result will astonish you" extract from the magazine Vins de France.

The estate opens its doors to all every Saturday from 10AM to 7PM (all other days by appointment)
Reception of groups (max 50 persons) : under request only. Rate : 12,00€ per person.